An Introduction to the Themes Engine

Zubbit’s Themes Engine is probably one of the most powerful tools of its kind. It lets you theme the look and feel of your Call-to-Action Adverts to exactly match your branding.

With it you can create cool themes like this example:


You can literally control every element of what you are seeing from Fonts, Font Weights and use Bold and Italics. You can add borders and have them Solid, Dotted, Dashed and more. You can control all the colours and add all sorts of effects. Everything is controlled independently also so you can use one font and colour on a button and another on the body of the Call-to-Action, the list goes on and on.

Along with being able to create your own themes, Zubbit also comes pre-loaded with a Theme Library which can use with lots of pre-loaded look and feels we’ve created for you to use off the shelf and for free:

You can do so much with the Zubbit Themes Engine and make your Call-to-Action Adverts truly unique. There is no other tool out there that offers quite as much control and options.

Plus once you’ve created Links using a theme, you can change them at any point. So if you’ve shared thousands of links and decided to update your theme, you don’t need to revisit each Zubbit Link. You just change your theme and every link using that theme will auto-date to the new look at feel.

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