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We just know you are going to love Zubbit and have a real blast sharing lots of fantastic content to grow your traffic, leads and sales.

To give you an idea of what’s to come we’ve laid out an overview below to get you started:

Getting Started

In the Getting Started KB Section we show you firstly How to Create your first Short Link on Zubbit, and once you’ve created your first Call-to-Action Advert, you can go on to find out How to Create your first Call-to-Action Link on Zubbit.


For many of you, you’ve come to Zubbit to use our powerful Call-to-Action links. We currently support Branded Text, ImagesVideosAudios and content from Social Sites.

What we want do is take you step by step and show you How to Create a Call-to-Action and then take you through how you can take your Call-to-Actions to another level by adding EmojisCustom CSSLine Breaks and Open Graph Meta Tags

The function in there is going to blow your mind!

You will not find another platform that will let you create Call-to-Actions like this.

Theming Engine

This is where Zubbit really stands out. Most other platforms that allow you to add Call-to-Actions to pages you share do it in quite a simple way. The look of them are quite frankly dated and boring!

What makes Zubbit different is not only the range of different Call-to-Actions you can create, but also the Theming Engine that lets you create amazing looking Look and Feel that can match your branding and make your Call-to-Actions really stand out.

So in this KB Section we introduce you to our In-house Library of Themes that you can use but also we should you How to Create Your own Amazing Themes.

Link Management

In the next KB Section we cover some of the extra controls we give you to manage your links. Or more specifically how to brand your links.

We currently let users load up the own Custom Domains and also rather than using our random generated short links they can use a specific Custom Slug/Shortlink.

So using these features you can brand your link exactly as you want it to be.


One of the most powerful features Zubbit has is the ability to add one or more retargeting pixels to the links you share. This means you never waste another click. Anyone clicking on your links can be added to custom audiences on a long list of retargeting platforms we support.

In this KB Section, we teach you How to Add a Retargeting Pixel and How to Add those Retargeting Pixels to your Links.


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