Does Zubbit Work with YouTube?

There are some sites where Zubbit won’t work fully and one of them is YouTube. It just means they’ve added an extra layer of security to block the ability to show advertising on top of their website.

On the whole we respect the website’s view if they wish to block external content and sharing in this way but have made an exception for YouTube as its generally full of public content.

So we do have a couple of workarounds that you can do with YouTube:

1) Using Call-to-Action Links – You can put your Zubbit link on top of a YouTube video by using this URL format – – when you create your zubbit link and just replace the embed code at the end with the one from the video you want to share. If you go to YouTube and click share you can see the option to get the embed code. This will show the video full screen with your Zubbit call-to-action over the top.

2) Using Retargeting Links – This allows you to share any content but with no call-to-action over the top BUT it does let you add your own remarketing tracking pixel which means anyone clicking on your Zubbit link and watching the video can be added to your re-marketing campaigns on things like FaceBook and AdRoll.

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