What is a URL Slug?

A URL slug is the part of a URL or link that comes after the domain extension.

They can be used for websites:
In www.zubbit.io/links – ‘links’ is the URL Slug.

Or they can be used in your custom short links:
In zubbit.io/content-remarketing – ‘content-remarketing’ is the URL slug.

Using a specific and relevant URL slug for your website or custom short link has many benefits.

In websites, the keyword used for your URL slug can be used to SEO optimize the URL by showing Google the structure of your site and the contents of the page in question.

Using the proper URL slug in your short link could lead to more clicks on a certain link or anchor text within a blog post or piece of content in a few ways:

  • If it is memorable, users can easily remember it at a later date and find it quickly.
  • If it is benefit-driven or compelling, people may see the URL slug and be convinced it’s what they are looking for- prompting them to click.
  • If it is masking a confusing, lengthy, or unrecognizable URL, users won’t overlook it

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