An Introduction to Call-to-Action Adverts

Welcome to the world of Call-to-Actions!

If you are wondering what they are then they are basically an advert you can place over any website you share. So you find a piece of content you want to share, and then can create a Zubbit Shortlink but add a Call-to-Action over that page when someone clicks on your link.

Zubbit comes packed with some great tools to enable you to build Call-to-Actions like the one above, but also from ImagesVideo, Audio and Social Media content. No other platform gives you as many options to build Call-to-Actions from.

The following KB articles we will show you exactly how to:

How to Create a Call-to-Action Advert
How to Customise them with Emojis
How to Customise them with Cool CSS
How to Create multi-line Call-to-Actions
How to Change the Open Graph Meta Tags


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